About Me

The Face Behind the Nails

The Face Behind The Nails

Hello there! My name is Ashley, what’s yours? Oh, that’s not how this works? Right. Okay.

Well, I’m your average 20-something-year-old grad student. I’ve (hopefully) got about 6 months left before I’m free, after which I can fulfill my dream of becoming an audiologist! The only thing that has gotten me through the toughest times during the last 8 years of school is doing my nails. And lately, since it’s become more of an obsession than a hobby, I thought I should share some of the knowledge I’ve picked up along the way!

My goal for this website is to provide the answers to all the questions you might haveĀ about the products I post, and maybe also some extra tidbits you didn’t know you neededĀ to hear! Unless otherwise stated, I have purchased all products featured on this website and do not receive remuneration for my reviews.

So, let’s get started, shall we?